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Dear republican candidates,


We, the Russian-speaking Americans, appeal to you - stop being passive, stop hiding. IT'S TIME TO ACT! Where are you, Illinois Republican Candidates? We want to know your names. We want to see your faces. We want to know who we can vote for. Do not underestimate us! The Russian-speaking community of America is exceptionally large, with more than a million votes ready to support Republicans. Former Senator Mark Kirk, Congressman Bob Dold came out to meet us, and we knew about them, and we supported them in the elections. We receive information about you from the Russian-language radio station in Chicago – Radio NVC, 1430 AM. This conservative radio station reaches listeners in 36 states, and strives for accurate news, not political correctness.  Please help yourselves by appearing on this radio to promote yourselves and your programs.  Thanks to this radio station, we hear about you, and we learn for whom we must pledge our votes to preserve our great country. This radio station does not have any support from the state or from the Republican party. Their support comes from local businesses and doctors. They have supported Republican candidates for many years, providing them with airtime at their own expense. In Illinois, and especially in Cook County, people need to know about you and your programs, so they can vote for you! If we do not hear about you on the radio, we have to look for you, we must search for your names on the Internet, and for busy, working citizens this is not always so easy and a lot gets missed. At the same time, look at your competitors, how actively they fill the heads and minds of voters with information about themselves. They constantly advertise to all ethnic groups. Republican Candidates, you cannot afford to hide and remain in the minority! The future of our children, the future of our state, the future of our country is at stake. We urge you to act. Do not let America be ruined! See what is happening in our state, what is happening in our country. People are afraid to openly say what they think. People are afraid to openly say what they disagree with; they are afraid to admit that they are conservatives. Only at home in the kitchen or with friends are they loudly outraged by what is happening. And at work they are silent because they are afraid of punishment, persecution, or dismissal. The liberal state governments continue to raise taxes.  None of the new taxes in Illinois are going to help resolve our debt crisis.  All these new taxes are going to help democrats stay in power.  We need to change the way taxes are raised.  In 1978 voters in California took their own action against ever increasing property taxes and passed Proposition 13 which amended the California constitution to change the way property taxes were determined.  Essentially, property taxation was changed from a market value-based tax system to an acquisition-based tax system.  Since then property taxes are limited to one percent of the acquisition price (base amount), plus the rate necessary to fund local voter-approved bonds.  Annual increases are limited to no more than two percent of the base amount.  We need to add a referendum on the November ballot to limit our property taxes as California did.  Other states, like New York and New Jersey should also consider similar initiatives.  A program such as this could change these states from Blue to Red.  This would help secure both the House and Senate and allow President Trump to accomplish much for our country.  Please see attached article #1. The governor has placed a referendum on the November ballot to change the Illinois fixed rate income tax in Illinois to a graduated tax.  If this referendum is approved, then the democrats will be able to increase our income tax whenever they want.  We need to defeat this referendum. We, Russian speaking Americans, have already gone through this, and that is why millions fled from the socialist camp. In the USSR, people were only able to talk with close friends about the systematic issues; they were afraid to speak freely or do anything due to the clear and severe consequences. People who disagreed with the system were imprisoned. We left the USSR because of its authoritarian and one-sided approach, and we are seeing it again here, in America. Look at how rapidly democrats take positions, they try to suppress the opinions of all conservatives; they scoff at American values, destroy American flags, and distort history. You see, monuments are being destroyed; American citizens are deprived of the right to protect and defend themselves. Democracy is all about choosing the best amongst equals and giving them the reins of government. America considers itself a classic democracy, but there are better examples across the world, such as Sweden. Swedish deputies do not become part of an elite society, which rules the lives of ordinary people.  “It makes no sense to grant special privileges to parliamentarians, because our task is to represent citizens and know the reality in which they live. Representation of citizens is in itself a privilege, as we have the opportunity to influence the course of the country”, Parliamentarian Per-Arne Hokasson said in an interview. Today a Swedish deputy's salary is about 40,000 kroons, which is comparable to the salary of a primary school teacher. Deputies cannot raise their salaries, for this there is an independent committee Riksdagens Arvodesnämd. It includes the president as a judge and two other people, usually journalists or former officials. State apartments are provided for non-Stockholm members of parliament. This is a one-room dwelling with an area of about 45 square meters (480 sq. ft), where usually one room serves as both a bedroom and a living room. Former politicians in Sweden have not heard of a life pension either. The ex-deputy is paid a kind of severance pay in the amount of 85% of his salary for two years. US Congress was meant to be a citizen legislature. Our representatives were supposed to go to Washington, serve the people, and then return to live under the laws they made. This vision has been lost. Congress is now a haven for career politicians who put their own power, perks, and privileges ahead of public service. This broken system needs a repair.  A survey conducted in 2018 by McLaughlin and Associates found that 82% of the American people support term limits for U.S. House and Senate.  Based on Gallup research in 2018, congress has a 17% approval rating (a historic low point), but a 95% re-election rate. That is because our elected leaders abuse their power to keep away electoral challenges, which transfers power away from citizens and into the hands of unaccountable politicians. Congress will not vote in favor for an amendment to limit itself. Illinois Republican Candidates should not relax and count on someone to stop the chaos that is taking place. After all, YOU, you are the ones who can stop all this, and we are counting on you. BUT! we want to know you. Meet with us and we will support you with our votes!  We believe that you have the strength and courage to stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump to confront and defeat evil!!     God Bless America!     Trump 2020!

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