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Here is Maria's message: 

Dear friends! As we all know the recount of the ballots is going on in the battleground states.  I got this from a page of my FB friend, attorney Maria Rutenburg, who has joined a legal team to help President Trump in the recounting process and in the legal battle.  Here is Maria's message:  " We need attorneys for recounts. Travel and daily expenses are covered. you will get $350 per day stipend. Do NOT have to be licensed in that state except Arizona. > MUST be an attorney. Email me if interested (also  list who can vouch for you that your are republican, put it in the email) > > Arizona (Arizona residency or Bar Admission Required) > Georgia > Michigan > Nevada > North Carolina > Pennsylvania > Wisconsin  "  ******************************************************************** Thanks!!! With Warm Regards, Jane Rapoport 847-341-7090 (cell)

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