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Biden campaign buys Keep America Great website domain to post anti-Trump messages

A view of the homepage on the website
A view of the homepage on the website

It takes two to troll.

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign took a wily move from the Trump campaign playbook, buying up the domain and using it to post anti-Trump messages.

The slogan is frequently used by President Trump as part of his 2020 reelection effort. Instead of MAGA boilerplate, however, visitors to are confronted with a laundry list of Trump’s alleged broken promises.

“Trump isn’t looking for a second term – he’s looking for a do-over. Here’s how Trump’s record stacks up against the promises he made to the American people,” reads an intro to the material.

The website URL has existed in some form since 2004, though in recent years it has taken on a colorful new life among resistance trolls, according to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. For much of his presidency, it sold anti-Trump clothing and other merchandise. By September2019, it was owned by billionaire Tom Steyer and used during his fly-by-night presidential campaign. It appears to have been officially repurposed by Team Biden this month.

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