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The Fund dedicated to providing quality education, training, support, advocacy and networking opportunities to a local community.


The America Immigration Education Fund (AIEF) was founded by immigrants from the Soviet Union to help newcomers to the United States in various aspects of their new life.

For several generations in the USSR, the United States of America was for us a beacon of liberal democratic freedoms, the personification of equal human rights and opportunities, for us, our children, and grandchildren. To achieve these goals, in order to break out of the shackles of the inhuman socialism of a totalitarian state, we had to sacrifice a lot.

Now that we are on our feet in our new life, we are proud of our contributions to the American economy, science, medicine, art and thank fate, repeating:

God bless America!

We would not like to recall the “charms” of socialism, however, in recent years, events have taken place that plunge us into shivers and make us look differently at the future of our country, the United States.

A significant part of the elite of American society, political, public figures and organizations, professors and the media plunged into utopian ideas of building a society with an equal distribution of all benefits. However, we, who have escaped from such a society, know on our own skin that a society of “equal prosperity” is a society of equal poverty, deprived of elementary humanitarian rights.

It is disgusting to think so, but it seems that the lessons of history, logic, Judeo-Christian morality and philosophy, rationalism, and practicality of life are once again moving away from us with the dirty hand of an inhuman, totalitarian socialism in favor of some fanatics objectified by their utopian ideas.

That is why most of the Russian-speaking immigrants are conservatives, supporters of the Republican Party. Our voice (in Russian and English), with the help of the People's Wave radio station (from Chicago), is heard in 36 states of America, one million listeners. And we are incredibly sad that at a time when every voter's vote is especially valuable, we do not see or hear our representatives to Congress, defenders of the future of our children and grandchildren.

At this critical moment in the history of the United States, we appeal to you: do not miss this opportunity to win the elections on November 3, be participants in our radio programs, make friends and hundreds and thousands more votes. Together we will make America great again.



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